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In the wake of independence, a group of dramatists and cultural leaders have come together to form the South Sudan Theatre Company. The company works to promote innovative theatre that both celebrates and challenges South Sudan’s cultural heritage and artistic potential. Join us in supporting the company, and track a national identity in the making.

There is an old saying - ‘Give me a theatre, and I will you give you a nation’

Derik Uya Alfred SSTC co-founder and director (CNN interview, Jan 2012)

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We look forward to these performances by South Sudan Theatre Company which I am sure will open the eyes of the British audience not only to a fresh and original view of the play but also to the rich culture of South Sudan.

Brendan Griggs & Dr Jo Beall

Director of Drama and Dance & Director of Education & Society, British Council

The South Sudan Theatre Company's production of Cymbeline at the Globe is an initiative of great imagination and courage.

Christopher Cramer

Head of Dept of Development Studies, SOAS and Vice Chair, Royal Africa Society

For southern Sudan to be given the opportunity to be part of the Globe Theatre festival, the first of its kind, will be a wreath of honour around the neck of our new born State.

Gabrile Changson Chang

Minister of Culture, Government of South Sudan, July 2011

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